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Build and use your own Reactjs extension in Chrome.

Chrome extensions are sort of "browser boosters" which are still underrated by many people. As a developer, you can easily create your own booster and it's much simpler than you might think! In this tutorial, I will show you how I built my chrome extension based on my need for staying up to date ...

One click environment setup directly from your github repo [Nodejs example]

I don't know how much time I spent browsing, cloning and running other people's code on GitHub but one thing for sure - it took a lot of my time setting up the environment and making sure it works on my local machine before I could even start interacting with the code. Thankfully I have been int...

How to scrape top 5 headlines from BBC using puppeteer & NodeJS

Web scraping is a method of extracting desired data from web sites. In the world of Javascript "puppeteer" is the most commonly used tool to do such kind of tasks. In this tutorial, we will use puppeteer to scrape the top 5 headlines from the world's leading news website.