Interview with Henric Lind

How did you get started in software development?

I started my career as a developer at Sogeti as an IT-consultant. Since I had no major skill coming from school and high curiosity for learning everything shiny and fun, I got the opportunity to try many different things from EPiServer, Wordpress to Drupal and Android. In the end I really enjoyed working with Android which led me to the next 7 years as a full-time Android developer.

What's your favorite library or framework and why?

I very much enjoy being Android developer. With regards to that, my favorite language is Kotlin which is a cross-platform, general-purpose programming language. I am currently also looking into new areas like web development and particularly I'm interested in Javascript ecosystem.

What is your current technology stack?

Since I am full-time Android developer my current tech-stack is Android based. However I’m also looking into both Flutter, React and NodeJs. I still love working with Android app development though. But due to my curiosity I cannot keep my hands off new tech in other areas.

Can you show us some the Android apps you have helped build?

Here is a list of some of the Android apps I've had opportunity to work on in last 5 years:

  • HandelseBanken SE, Handelsbanken DK,  Sparbankernas Kort, Skandiabanken, Digimail

What excites you about software development?

The most exciting thing about being a developer is the constant change and need to keep on learning new crafts. That is why this work never will become dull :)

How has Corona and current situation affected you when it comes to your work?

Since march I decided to fulfil my dream by going solo and being a freelance developer, so the timing was kinda epic. When Covid-19 started, there was a significant change in number of new assignments. But since I’m both stubborn and optimistic, I just rolled up my sleeves and kept talking with a lot of contacts through LinkedIn and I finally landed a long term assignment as an Android developer.

What would you like to share with new generation of developers just entering the IT?

If you don’t have any mayor skills or a plan on what to do I suggest to start as a consultant and try to get a broad range of assignments to simply try out different things. Once you find your true love it’s time to dig deeper and really gain some true experience.

What technologies should they focus on?

I suggest to try several technologies. Looking at them with small hobby project sometimes don’t give you the whole truth, so if they can try the interesting ones in larger companies it’s my suggestion.

How can other developers stand out from the crowd?

Be open minded and never close any doors. Keep contact with old colleagues and try to show your passion during interviews, it’s often the person with the right mindset who are hired and not always about the current skillset. Show your passion!

Tell us about your personal dev projects if any!

Currently I’m working with a Flutter project together with an old colleague, since both find Flutter really interesting. The plan is to use Flutter to build Android, iOS and Web with the same codebase.

Where do you see your self in 5 years from now when it comes to IT industry? 

I still see me as an independent developer that is eager to learn new things, hopefully with a few new skills ranging from backend, web and mobile. 

Do you mind sharing a picture of your work place or your work station?

Sure, this is my work place and my laptop is my work station.

Where can people find you?

People who are interested in connecting with me can find me on linkedIn, at this address: